AVANI Institute

Changes, even small ones, can have a positive and lasting ripple effect on the quality of our lives.

At AVANI Institute, we believe that physical, emotional and spiritual health are connected. When one is out of balance, we become more vulnerable to the negative impacts of stress, toxins and injury. We believe in a more holistic and comprehensive approach that brings the physical, emotional and spiritual into balance for improved total health.

Our center provides a nurturing environment to explore changes and experience new possibilities for improved balance in one’s life and health.

We are in the process of restructuring AVANI Institute so we can continue to connect with people, providing services that offer the opportunity to better understand the mind, body, spirit connection and to develop a renewed commitment to personal growth.

We will provide more details in the upcoming weeks.
Please stay connected with us during our transition.

Our Life Portal sessions, Astrology readings, Energy work and consultations
are available by appointment.

St. Clair Plaza · 1121 Boyce Road • Suite 800c • Pittsburgh PA 15241
412.592-9190 • info@avani-institute.com

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